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The Power Of Controlling Your Attitude

To be successful in any business field, you have to be able to control the way you think. In every aspect of your life, negativity will try to creep in and bring you down. Someone might cut you off on the drive home from work, or it could be as simple as you being tired from not sleeping enough the night before. These negative thoughts and emotions are normal, but you can not let them affect you in your work. You need to focus on controlling your mind, convincing yourself that nothing is wrong, and maintaining a positive attitude. 

This is extremely important in running your own business. There will always be difficult circumstances that occur at work, but you can not let that affect the way you lead. CEOs need to set a good example for their employees. If your team sees you constantly getting upset over something that might have even been out of your control, morale will lower significantly and the quality of work drops. By portraying yourself with a positive mindset, your team will feel more confident in you as a leader, respect you more, and will be more motivated to put in the work necessary to succeed.

Besides the importance of attitude in the workplace, it’s also equally as important to make sure that negative thoughts aren’t carried into home life. Even if you had the worst day possible at work, that shouldn’t be reflected when you get home. How is it fair to your children or significant others, if you come home upset every day when it has nothing to do with them? You need to go home and be the best parent or spouse you can be no matter what the circumstances were earlier in the day. 

All in all, controlling your mindset will make you more productive and happier in general. Having control over your emotions will give you the ability to confidently sell your products or services to anyone because no person will ever be able to get you. You will also be much happier in your home and work life, allowing you to enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

Brand Recognition Vs Brand Awareness

Your brand is essentially how you want to convey your company to the public, and how people associate with your company. It’s important to make sure that consumers are aware of exactly what your brand is. Even if your brand is small and may not quite reach the eponym status of Pepsi or Kleenex, there are ways to make sure that people understand who you are and what you do. However, it’s first important to make the differentiation between consumer recognition of your brand and consumer awareness. 

Brand recognition is how easily a consumer can recognize your brand based on visual indicators like logo, color scheme, etc. For example, if you are driving through a town and you see green and white on a gas station in the distance, you can automatically associate that with BP. Brand recognition is very important for your brand image; however, brand awareness takes this a full step further. 

Brand awareness is the consumer’s ability to recall not just the business’s name when seeing its visual indicators, but also the general feelings associated with the business, its products and services, and other experiential details. For example, when you see that green and white and recognize BP, your brand awareness would have you associate the gas station brand with a certain experience you had there. If you found a really good deal on gas at BP compared to Shell down the road, you would have a positive brand association with their company. When a business can dictate a certain level of awareness, its marketing and advertising mean something to its audience. They bring out certain feelings and emotions in the viewer.

It should be the goal of every business to first create a brand that is easily recognized by customers, and then turn that recognition into awareness through effective marketing and advertising campaigns. 


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